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As a doctor I’m sad and angry – what if I gave my patient coronavirus?

I now have symptoms. But without routine testing how am I to know whether I picked it up from the patient or a colleague, or whether I passed on the virus as an asymptomatic carrier?


Geoffrey Macnab How a hit Czech film might have helped catch nine criminals

Shocking new documentary ‘Caught in the Net’ joins a select group of films that have led to police investigations, writes Geoffrey Macnab

Trump boasts his coronavirus briefings are a ‘ratings hit’

Infections in US pass 130,000 and death toll hits 2,350

Elon Musk reveals progress of Mars-bound Starship spacecraft

SpaceX is building craft to ferry people and cargo around the Solar System


Zlata Rodionova How KeepCup turned a zero-waste solution into a fashion accessory

Zlata Rodionova discusses sustainability with co-founder Abigail Forsyth and why the paper coffee cup has ‘just got to go’

7 pop culture moments that 'predicted' coronavirus

From The Simpsons to Tangled, there are plenty of TV shows, films and books that have described scenes with eerie similarities to today’s events

This is how coronavirus has ruptured romance

As everyone adjusts to this brave new locked-down world, Olivia Petter explores what coronavirus means for our love lives in a new biweekly series