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IT Consulting

We make sure your ship is headed in the right direction to save you time and money, all while delivering better results.

Software Development

Our expert team of software developers will you save you time and money on even the most complex of projects.

Cyber Security

We can keep your online presence secure and protected all from cyber threats including DDoS, wiretapping, and more.

Server Hosting

With our owned and operated data center and thousands of industry partners we have a solution for all needs.

We help our clients succeed by giving you access to our insights and experience

What we do

Innovation as a Service

Fresh ideas

We do more than just right code. Talk to us about your ideas, and we can utilize our experience in technology to improve them.

Enterprise Veterans

With over a decade of experience working with some of the largest companies in the world - VanwaTech is a company you can trust.

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Washington Engineering

All of our operations and developers are based out of Washington in the United States. Home of Microsoft, Amazon, and many more of the worlds largest tech companies.

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