Essential Travel Tips For The Modern Day Traveller

These are some travel tips and insights you wish you knew. These tips are relevant if you are going on long trips and want to save some money in the long run. Which of these travel tips is your favorite? Tell us.

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Top 5 Places to Watch Sports Like a Local

sporting destinations

You can easily get into a destination’s soul through its sports teams. When you step into the feverish atmosphere of a stadium or arena in the middle of a match, you’ll find the locals in a state of agitation or elation, depending on the scoreline of the match. Head to one of these sporting destinations […]

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Should You Quit Your Job & Travel?

quitting your job to travel

When traveling becomes a very serious hobby, there would come a time that your job will get in the way. You may start nursing thoughts of quitting your job to travel full-time. Quitting your job for travel is an important decision that you should consider deeply and weigh your options before you decide. You should […]

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How to be a Better Tourist


You may take a journey for various reasons, it could be just for travelling sake, for enjoyment, or for a little bit of self-discovery. Whatever your reasons are for packing your bag and taking flight, it is important to keep in mind these nine tips to become a better traveler or tourist: 1. Do your […]

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The Changing World of Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is not what it used to be– literally. This travel segment is changing and evolving almost as fast as it’s growing – a third faster than any other travel segment, to be precise – and the list of luxury hotels being built or due to open in the next few years is never-ending. […]

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4 Easy Ways to Make Friends When Travelling Alone

make friends when travelling

Do you easily make friends when travelling alone or do you have a hard start interacting with people? Are you an extrovert or introvert? Extroverts may find it’s easier to connect with others compared to a shy introverted person. Here are a few tips to help you make friends when travelling; 1. Don’t overthink it […]

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8 Reasons To Visit Mauritius

Visit Mauritius

If you’re looking to try a new destination this year, you should fly to the luxurious Island of Mauritius. Mauritius is located in the Indian ocean, it may be a long haul flight, but when you step off that plane, you’ll be on a little paradise island with a variety of things to see and […]

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World Erotic Art Museum, Miami

Erotic Art Museum

As part of my travel adventures in South Beach Miami, I visited the World Erotic Art Museum, located in the heart of the Miami Beach, Florida Art Deco District.  The museum which illustrates the history of erotic art contains over 4000 pieces of the erotic art collection of Naomi Wilzig which dates from antiquities to contemporary times and shows all cultures, […]

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